How many flat tires does a person repair in a lifetime? #TBT

Posted By on December 8, 2022

The Throwback Thursday #TBT tag was just an excuse to ask the question: “How many flat tires does a person need to have repaired in their lifetime?” AcuraRDX_Flat221204I don’t know the answer, but I do know that I’ve repaired A LOT.

It seems I’m forever needing to add air (change in temperatures), have a slow leak or pick up a nail … or thorn when it comes to lawn equipment tires.

Last week Brenda’s 2010 Acura RDX once again indicated a low tire. Since it was “that time of year” when the temperatures drop, I didn’t immediately address the problem and assumed the drop in temps triggered the sensor. BUT when I walked out to the garage over the weekend, bingo … indeed it was something else as her car had a flat tire.


While going through the motions of removing the nail and plugging the tire, I started to wonder about people who are a bit less mechanically inclined and don’t have the ability or interest to take care of these kinds of problems themselves? I suppose they spend their day getting a tow and taking their cars to their neighborhood repair garage, tire shop or car dealer? Also, “necessity is the mother of invention” as there is help on the Internet or YouTube, so they may eventually learn how to tackle these kinds of repetitive repairs. If you didn’t have a father, mother or neighbor to teach and it was not taught in school years ago, I’m not sure how you learned it? Then there is the big question of having the right tools, etc. All I know is that I’m glad to at least be able to handle these things at home and in my garage. Yes, I’m currently thinking my son Taylor. (urban living). 😉


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