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Posted By on December 14, 2022


As is my December tradition, I’m including a digital copy of what once was our Corbett Christmas Letter but is now a just a “card” on my blog. CorbettOostraCanmoreAL_July2022Our year as a family was full of too many great times to include, but highlighted by a special event: a 40th Anniversary and trip planned by our family to the Canadian Rockies (part 1 and part 2). Our year was also intermixed with family gatherings for holidays and birthdays, babysitting in Perrysburg and several trips to Florida. Our grown children had a few house-highlights of their own, as Katelyn and Drew started their homebuilding project and Taylor bought a nicely remodeled condominium in Walnut Hills/Cincinnati.


Like the short, but sweet (Idiom) update on the card, I’ll close with Merry Christmas wishes to all who read my blog and for peace, hope, joy and love as we welcome in a new year.

… and if it doesn’t get back to Katelyn, I’ll archive a super nice photo that I think is going on their Christmas card.



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