Depressing loss for the Bengals against the Chiefs

Posted By on January 31, 2023


I would be remise to not mention the the AFC playoff game that left Cincinnati Bengals fans out in the cold, unfortunately the excitement dwindles when your hometeam loses.

In my opinion, the Bengals were healthier and the better team going into the game against the Kansas City Chiefs, but as anyone who has watch Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs play under the coaching of Andy Reid, they are an extremely talented team. Obviously even though they were not 100%, it was enough to push past Joe Burrow and the Bengals this year.

Likely most feel for Bengals defensive end Joseph Ossai who’s extra out-of-bounds push on Mahomes. That “extra shove” at the end of a QB scramble, triggered a 15 yard penalty that permitted the Chiefs kicker Harrison Butkers a 45 yard field goal in the final seconds rather than 60 yards. It at least made the difference between a win for the Chiefs and a probably OT. 

Depressing for Cincinnati to say the least. 


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