Bought an external 1TB SSD for the new MacBook Air M2

Posted By on March 18, 2023

MacBook Air M2 with iPad TEMP setup Samsung 1 TB SSD

Even though the new MacBook Air M2 is cloud connected and semi-backing up (to iCloud, gDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc) … it is still uncomfortable to be loading up and using a new notebook computer for traveling without physically backing up files. In particular, setting up the built in Apple TimeMachine software in case the computer needs to be restored … apps, operating system and all. Yes… it happened once-upon-a-time on the iMac.

Amazon Samsung 1TB SSD

So … for $80, I opted to add a small “hopefully” reliable 1 TB Samsung SSD USB-C drive and created 2 partitions — one for archiving larger off-computer files like raw video and audio — and the larger one for TimeMachine backups. So far it is working great.

Also, I’m still tinkering with MarsEdit “Custom Macros” and added a new Yellow Highlight macro today … although OpenLiveWriter had a full pallete of text color choices that were easy to use (it is available under Format>Sytle>Show Colors menu with MarsEdit) and backgrounds avaiable (not that I used many beside the yellow highlight). 😊 


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