Testing MarsEdit 5 for MacOS with a 1980s Apple Logo Sheet

Posted By on March 8, 2023

After a bit of time away from my aging Apple iMac and time to ponder using the MarsEdit blogging app from RedSweater as a replacement for OpenLiveWriter on Windows, I bit the bullet and purchased the software. The final push to purchase was the responsive emails from the developer Daniel Jalkut and how to set up a few “custom macros” to better fit my needs. MarsEdit5The great part is that he is continuing to improve and add to the app and has been doing it a long, long, time. 

I’m not sure if Daniel has been programming Apple MaciOS software as long as I’ve been using Macs (an original logo sticker sheet from one of my first Macs above) … but long enough to give me confidence to start using Marsedit 5


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