A collection of graphs and charts used on Twitter last week

Posted By on July 22, 2023

The week was abnormally filled with charts and graphs while chiming in to news stories and posts on Twitter this past week, but I’ll start with an animated GIF graphic and link to a story regarding offshore wind farm leases opening up in the Gulf of Mexico.

Off shore windfarms

As for the graphs and charts, here’s one regarding climate change and warming temperatures to put things in perspective … and the other while discussion Bidenomics, the economy and inflation. They do sort of speak for themselves.

Temperature late 10,000 years Inflation Trump v Biden

To lighten the mood and highlight the new Volkswagen EV Microbus called the ID Buzz … here are a couple great images for your Saturday (below).

Illustration of VW Microbus VW Micro Pontoon Boat

VW ID Buzz


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