Some history … and can Israel eliminate Hamas in the Gaza Strip without another full blown war in the Middle East?

Posted By on October 14, 2023

Israel Map - WarsLike most … but depressingly not all Americans … I’ve been heavy hearted and angry this week after Hamas terrorist slaughtered innocent Israeli civilians (including 27 Americans) and took an estimated 150 hostages back to Gaza. I’m not sure how those who side with Hamas and their backers (Iran) can explain away such horrific murder, but from my perspective, there is NO possible way to justify such evil. The Nazis hid and denied their death camps and genocide … Hamas and their backers openly celebrate it. It is impossible to rationalize … yet we continue to try to understand the motivation behind Hamas, their supporters and apologists. 

Last week Brenda and I too much time watching the reporting and social media coverage from Israel. We saw the heavy destructive Israeli airstrikes preparing way for the IDF ground forces to hopefully first rescue the hostages before rooting out Hamas in Gaza City and the Gaza Strip. Who knows how long it will take and how many more lives will be lost?

Megyn Kelly Show - podcastTo refresh my memory, I studied a few maps of the modern State of Israel, the past wars when Arab countries attacked Israel (1968 and 1973)above — and “tried” to understand the hatred and antisemitism that has never gone away. The struggle between Arabs, Israel and the West has existed my entire lifetime (as it has with previous generations) and no attempt at finding peace has ever been successful long term, especially with the more radical Muslims and militant groups.  

Megyn Kelly on her podcast read a Boston Globe Jeff Jacoby opinion article that summarized this in about 2 minutes … it is worth a listen. 

  Megyn Kelly reads Jeff Jacoby opinion article (YouTube) | 2 min snip


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