Tech Friday: Are we getting closer to a foldable Apple iPhone?

Posted By on February 9, 2024

As an Apple advocate and device user from the 1980s and someone who as been begging for a foldable iPhone flip phone (or even slider) since using and retiring a foldable Samsung SPH i500  PalmOS device years ago,I can’t wait… as I mentioned to tech influencer Evan Kirsten

We seem to be getting closer, but according to rumors, “an appearance won’t be until at least 2026.” ☹️ 

iPhone flipphone ideas

iPhone 16 could be foldable: Apple is developing ‘at least two’ smartphones that fold horizontally, report claims

Apple is reportedly developing iPhone prototypes that fold like flip phones

According to The Intelligence, Apple is developing ‘at least two’ prototypes for iPhones that can fold in half.

These designs both fold horizontally, in a classic flip-phone design, rather than folding vertically like a book.

But, don’t expect to see these hit the shelves any time soon, as Apple says they won’t be ready until at least 2026.

Foldable iPhone

Apple is reportedly working on ‘at least two’ prototypes of the folding iPhone. The report suggests that these will be horizontally folding, as shown in this artist’s impression 


EDIT: Interesting graphic on Apple’s revenue stream breakdown — $AAPL.


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