Tech Friday: Computer backups, Cloud and Sync storage options

Posted By on March 29, 2024

Computer backups and synchronized cloud data storage are topics I’ve addressed previously too many times. Last year I was pushed into tightening my subscription-belt after losing my free 1TB Miami University Google Workspace account and opted to iDrive backupsgive the economical iDrive a try. 

So after using it for a while now, I’ve concluded what I suspected, it is not perfect. It doesn’t synchronize like Microsoft’s OneDrive and is not as robust when it comes to backups as Google Drive. Still, once it is set up and running a few weeks, it does seem to regularly handle backing up both my MacBook Air and older iMac every night. Thankfully I’ve not needed to “restore” a back up yet and am hoping that my attached HDs and Apple’s Time Machine will suffice? 

As for synchronized cloud storage, I’m sticking with my paid subscription to Microsoft’s OneDrive for daily use as it has been nearly flawless … as have my free versions of Dropbox,, AWS, Apple iCloud and Google Drive accounts … all running through oDrive (another post someday)

iDrive sync


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