Italian completes non-stop solo circumnavigation in his 21? boat

Posted By on July 27, 2010


A 39 year old Italian solo circumnavigator finished his non-stop sail around the world voyage in the smallest sailboat to do it on July 22. Alessandro Di Benedetto and Mini, his 21 foot boat, set sail on October 26, 2009 from Les Sables d’Olonne France on the Bay of Biscay and finished the voyage with a jury rigged mast last Thursday. His small boat was damaged after the notoriously rough conditions after rounding Cape Horn, but after creative repairs he was able to salvage his damage mast and complete his record breaking voyage. He is in good health and good spirits.

Very impressive — congratulations to Alessandro Di Benedetto. Clip below … although ‘pardonnez la langue française sur la vidéo.’

Voile : Pari tenu pour Di Benedetto !
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