Take a moment to remember December 7th

Posted By on December 7, 2006

Like many baby boomers, I am proud to have a World War II veteran in my family. Today we remember the reason the United
Oil above the USS ArizonaStates went to war back in 1941, not that there weren’t reasons to defend Europe earlier. On December 7th we were “brutally attacked” by the Empire of Japan in Pearl Harbor as President Roosevelt stated. The memory for me is only in story or in history books, but because I stood over the USS Arizona this past summer the surroundings are more real. Watching that oil ooze to the surface above the tombs of sailors in the silence of our group was an eerie feeling. Well worth putting on the list of National Parks to visit.

USS Arizona
My father-in-law was an airmen in the European theater in WWII and I picked up a DVD detailing the B-26 he flew and I’m looking forward to giving it to him as a Christmas present. I think he’ll enjoy it. Today the company that sells these old film on DVD, Zeno’s Warbird Video Drive-in, is showing a few online films free online in remembrance of Pearl Harbor Day. If you are interested in warbirds from World War II, check it out the clips. Also Wikipedia has a great refresher on the attack.


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