Palm to unveil new OS and handset at CES today

Posted By on January 8, 2009

Current Palm phones

If you are a Palm device user who appreciates Palm products, Thursday January 8th 2009 might be the day that determines the company’s future.  Palm Device 2009At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) advocates expect the announcement of Palm’s long awaited new Nova operating system and new smartphone. The rumored new device is expected to compete with the latest and greatest from Apple, RIMM and others. Currently their smartphone choices and carriers have been slimming down (above), and many of users are carrying phones well past their prime (at least “prime” defined by gadget lovers).

Palm Treo 700p and Jawbone

While I’m not particularly in a hurry to replace my Treo 700p, the bulky size and inability to multitask, along with its poor bluetooth performance, makes  few improvements desirable.  I could have side-graded to the much smaller and bestselling Centro that both my wife and daugher use, but the improvements are relatively minimal. For me, the ‘smaller screen and keyboard’ is even more challenging for my fat thumbs and aging eyes, so I’ll wait to see what shows up at CES.

Along with other smartphone users, I have put together my Palm phone wish list that continues to grow over time. One of my concerns is program compatiblity and availablity for whatever new device and OS is developed. It’s not that I require all that much more than a basic communication device, but I do enjoy some of the software gadgets like Slingplayer, Kinoma, My Bible and PDANet and pTunes.

  1. High 3/4G quality cellphone
  2. The latest A2DP Stereo bluetooth profile without glitches
  3. Improved form factor (thin) with edge to edge touch screen
  4. Fast processor, large built in memory and good battery life
  5. Removable battery and removable micro SD card
  6. Full keyboard that remains usable for one hand navigation
  7. Multitasking OS that is stable
  8. 3.5mm headphone/headset jack
  9. Decent quality camera with video/macro option (and a flash)
  10. Edge hard switches for ringer and volume
  11. Better low power push email capabilty
  12. WiFi option
  13. Built-in GPS and mapping
  14. Better Browser with Flash support
  15. Easy database and application migration from my old device to a new device


  • Not sure exactly what you meant by “multitask”. Cell phone vendors are somewhat reluctant to put user level multitasking into a phone, at least the way we’ve become accustomed to it on our “real” computers.

    For instance, the much beloved iPhone [let us bow] will only run one app at a time. My inside view of this is that too often a user may have a background app running that they forgot about, as it sucks their battery dry.

    Now if they do something like the ol’ Mac System 6 multitasker, where an app suspended but stayed open (preserving state), that might be a compromise. Few things annoy me as much as being nearly done typing up a tweet, getting a phone call, and then having to re-type my status all over again when I go back into the browser after the call.

  • Thanks for the comment Scott. You’re last paragraph hit the nail on the head. A “preserved state” would work well. I’ve often found myself trying to piece together a bit of cut and paste info from one app to another and its challenging. I wouldn’t mind having my GPS running and being able to take a phone call, or answer a text message … instead, the GPS must completely close before confirming that I’ve received a text message … then reopen and wait for the GPS to acquire again.

    We’ll see if there is anything on my wish list coming to pass today?

  • Tim

    Mutitasking is done on Android (gphone, google phone) and has background processes as well as a suspended state. Several people have already found that running certain background processes can drain a battery quickly so being educated about your phone and its apps (I have 53 apps now) is necessary. My wife wanted an andriod phone until she used mine and it felt too much like running a computer, but that is exactly why I like it.
    My phone meets somewhere around 9 to 11 on your wish list depending on how you want to define a few things (quality, long life) or wait on promised updates (browser with flash I’m talking about you)

  • Thanks for adding the additional information on Android Tim. You’re wife has a very good point about the cellphone becoming too much like running a computer. I often find myself trying to do too much on a cellphone; very little of which is does well — photos, contact management, email, blog posts, server admin, video, web viewing, etc.

    I’ll be sure to talk to you about your phone before I jump to the new Palm Pre (I wonder about pricing?), although like a couple others out there … I’m enamored with new gadgets.

  • Actually am curious if I can post a video in the comment section, but this YouTube Clip does show the Pre pretty well.

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