Earthrace and Pete Bethune thinking Antarctica

Posted By on August 19, 2009

August must be the month for reminiscing, as I recently posted on what I remember 40 years ago (Woodstock festival) and I also just clicked a ‘Years ago on this date’ link from 2006. I had a good smile remembering what it was like to be at 13,796 feet on Earthrace in HawaiiMt. Mauna Kea in Hawaii; it was enjoyable to remember these good times.

I also enjoyed connecting with another ‘blog post friend’ from the past, Pete Bethune from Earthrace. Besides setting him up with a Twitter name previously reserved for him (@earthrace), I had a chance to discuss what was in store for him and Earthrace. As an activist for admirable causes (previous was the alternative fuel ‘biodiesel’), Pete and his radical boat are planning to head for Antarctica where they hope to draw attention to the barbaric practice of high-tech whaling. There have been others, most notably Greenpeace, that are concerned over these factory ship operations and systematic slaughter of one of the Ocean’s most magnificent creatures.

I wish him well in this endeavor and hope to post more as his plans come together. Stay tuned.


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