Smartphone Experts Palm Pre skins leave much to be desired

Posted By on September 18, 2009

Smartphone Experts Screen ProtectirI’ve used the cellphone screen protection from Smartphone Experts on the displays of my Palm Treo and Centro PDA phones for years and have always been please with how they have performed. The same company makes full face coverings the Palm Pre, but the Smartphone Experts product I ordered (and had replaced at no charge) have not worked well. The company was gracious enough to hear my initial complaint and sent a new 3-pack of protectors, but unfortunately it didn’t improve the look, ease of use or installation.

Opinion: I have found the initial bubbling that appears on the protector distracting (photo below), although after a few weeks of use this does improve a bit — but the bubbling never completely disappears. Although not recommended, I’ve tried squeegeeing with isopropyl alcohol and even a bit of heat. to no avail.Besides the tacky and distracting look, the edges often peel loose during regular handling, particularly when sliding in a dash mounting device. Besides looking bad, I have found the surface is no long as smooth; my fingers skid with a sticky feel rather than slide on the touchscreen surface.

I’m open for suggestions, but for now I’d rather risk the surface of my Palm Pre than used this particular screen protection.

Smartphone Experts screen protector
Smartphone Experts screen protector on the Palm Pre



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