A reminder to clean the camera lens on your phone

Posted By on April 18, 2010

Cleaning smartphone lensAfter noticing the color saturation and sharpness in photos coming from my Palm Pre smartphone were not the same as the first photos I took,  I realized that just a cursory wipe of the lens wasn’t good enough.

So let this post serve as a reminder to clean the lint, oils, dust, etc. out of your cellphones tiny camera lens with a cotton swab or eyeglasses wipe once in awhile. Many experts recommend avoiding alcohol or any harsh glass cleaners, opting instead for a plastic surface flat screen TV or computer monitor ‘safe’ cleaner. While alcohol may not hurt most plastics, I’d error on the side of caution and use something intended for delicate plastic surfaces … when in doubt, a dab of bottles water with a drop of vinegar is excellent. Remember too, plastic displays and lenses on most cellphones scratch easily.

As a test, below is an unretouched photo merge (besides resizing and adding text) taken on a bright sunny day (click photo for larger view).

Before and after cleaning of Palm Pre lens


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