The “show must go on” as the Tropical Storm Alex continues NW

Posted By on June 29, 2010

As the gulf coast continues to clean up oil damaged shorelines, folks in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida resort businesses jimmybuffettfreeconcertwelcome home grown singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett, who with some friends will be helping to promote tourism with a free beach concert Thursday night. While oil gushes and a more noticeable oil slick moves closer to the shoreline, BP and government workers pull back after they were unable to seal off the well.  They will be regrouping as tropical storm Alex moves closer and still hope to install a better cap and more collection capacity. AWhaleThe oil siphoning equipment, tanker barges and personnel are finding it difficult to continue their work with the broad storm moving through the Gulf of Mexico, while the government still won’t accept foreign cleanup vessels due to the 1920’s Jones Act. Come on President Obama … show some leadership and expedite getting some additional clean up vessels here (like “A Whale”) and pressuring the EPA to offer dispensation for discharge so as long as they can clean up the majority of the oil before it hits the shore

As for the tropical storm, possibly hurricane, most computer models have Alex moving northeast, caution is in the forecast for those living and working from Mexico to Louisiana. Hopefully the free concert schedule for the Gulf Shores, Alabama beach will continued on Thursday night in support for those who’s livelihood depend on a summer tourist season. Country Music Television (CMT) will be televising the the concert, so set your Tivo if you want to enjoy the concert or just show your appreciation for those entertainers desiring to help the gulf coast residents. (BTW, have I mention I’m a Jimmy Buffett fan … I said “fan”because I go way back … way back “Before the Salt” … before there were Parrotheads.)tsalex010628


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