Is anybody really happy with their cellphone plan/bill?

Posted By on June 29, 2011

A friend of mine recently switched carriers from T-Mobile to Sprint after grumbling about service … and the cellphone subject gave me something to make small talk with to a few of my customers on Tuesday. What I realized is that no matter the carrier, every customer complained.


One plan did stand out … Virgin Mobile’s prepaid service (on the Sprint network)  and an LG Optimus V Android phone without a contract. How does $25/mo for unlimited text and data and 300 minutes sound? I think I could live with it.

I really only need to use my cellphone for calls when I’m not at a desk phone, home NetTalk VOIP phone or computer connected talk (free Google phone calls and Skype connections). With a little discipline, I could reduce my minutes to the 300/month. My wife is already under the 300 minutes each month as well as the phone I give to my parents (shared minutes on our plan -  originally was $10/mo now over $20). About the only real concerns are my two kids phones …one which should be off soon, but the other most likely will want to stay on our plan? Nevertheless, with a no contract $25/mo plan, we could all have our own and save money over separates … like over $100/month if my mental calculation are correct!

If you have used them and have an opinion as compared to Sprint, post a comment. Thanks.


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