Let it be known that registration is open for the 2011 TDIFest

Posted By on June 13, 2011


The invitation to the annual TDIFest may not be the biggest and best car show in the nation, but for a group of loyal Volkswagen (and Audi) TDIClub members, it is the big bash of the year – and not to be missed. Previous “fests” have been hosted by local dedicated members of the TDIClub forum and is held annually on Labour Day weekend (I’ve spelled it that way out of respect for club founder and Canadian Fred Voglmaier – dedication unparalleled).

This years TDIFest 2011 will be held held in Lexington Kentucky on September 2-5, 2011 and members from our local Cincitdi.com chapter are assisting in hosting.


Previous years it has been held in Portland, Oregon (TDIFest2010), Washington, DC (TDIFest 2009), Cincinnati, OH (TDIFest 2008), Montréal, Quebec, Canada (TDIFest 2007), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (TDIFest 2006)Lake Mills, Wisconsin (TDIFest 2005), New England (TDIFest 2004), outside Toronto (TDIFest 2003), Grand Rapids, Michigan (TDIFest 2002), Park City, Utah (TDIFest 2001) and the first one was in Wilmington, NC (TDIFest 2000).

So … if you own or have been contemplating buying a VW TDI or Audi TDI diesel, this is the place to be; vendors, help and fun await. Registration is open now … join us September 2nd – 4th. The Forum links require ‘free’ user name registration, etc. The TDIFest requires a registration fee – although register online early and receive a discount.



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