Tech Friday and QR codes for smartphones and tablets

Posted By on August 19, 2011

I’m getting pretty geeky with this post, but then again it this is a Tech Friday post.
Having recently installed a QR (Quick Response) code reader on my Palm Pre, I’ve been trying to figure out just how to use them effectively. Obviously people sitting on a computer don’t need to use their smart-phone to access digital content, mydesultoryblog_qrcodebut as someone who works in the ink on paper world, using the codes might help to sell  “extra” content or as a way to enhance the information included on paper.

My first attempt was to use to make a QR code for my blog (right) … which I’ve also included as a rotating icon on my Google+ avatar (just because its cool – FYI, you click on the photo to rotate through the images). If you have a reader for your phone, you might try taking a photo of the code to the right and see if where it links.

Other simple ideas off the top of my head would be to use them to enhance business/handout cards or making auto window stickers for an upcoming car show. I’m thinking of the TDIFest in Lexington Kentucky this year; it could be a way to mention CinciTDI or the TDIClub … including enhanced informational webpage. Maybe a bumper or window QR sticker would be a great way to offer information to those interested in TDI Volkswagen diesels? Hmm … I should get an adsense click for that!


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