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This kind of luxury “tent” camping that would even be the envy of the late Muammar Gaddafi (known to travel with his tent). SmartMoney magazine published a short article detailing how camping would even be attractive to one’s better half.

Getting Fancy Now: Camping Resort

Prefer to Leave the tent-pitching to the pros? At a luxury camping resort, vacationers who prefer their nature without the whole distasteful “roughing it” thing can pair activities such as fly-fishing with hotel-style amenities like furnished tents and gourmet grub. Montana’s Paws Up ranch resort, for example, offers a tent suite with heated floors and a butler for around $1,800 a night.

Life-Changing: Custom Luxury Tent

Sleeping alfresco doesn’t need to be a vacation-only indulgence. Exclusive Tents, based in Belize, will erect a permanent luxury tent, complete with a porch, multiple rooms and a full bath, right in your backyard. The company’s most popular model starts at $25,000, though the more elaborate versions (including tents built on enormous river rafts or perched in the tops of trees) can easily hit six figures — before installation.

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