Sea of Cortez fisherman lands a 20 ft Great White Shark

Posted By on July 16, 2012


This may not be a current story (April 2012), but this weekend I read about a fisherman hauling home a gigantic 20 foot, 2000 pound Great While Shark. The large fish was a chore to bring in and was found dead tangled in his nets in the Sea of Cortez near Guaymas Mexico. This hefty predator obviously had plenty to eat in order to grow to this size.

A great white shark measuring nearly 20 feet and weighing 2,000 pounds — according to a  local report — was hauled up Sunday by commercial fishermen in the Sea of Cortez near Guaymas.
The massive predator was dead when it was brought to the surface in a net deployed by fishermen named Guadalupe and Baltazar, who were treated to the surprise of a lifetime when they saw what they had captured.

"We were amazed and immediately realized that we had a huge, dead, great white shark, and then we thought what are we going to do?," Guadalupe told Pisces Sportfishing, which is located in the resort city of Cabo San Lucas.

There is some dispute about the size. If, in fact, it measured six meters (19.8 feet), as Milenio News reported, it’d be one of the longest white sharks ever recorded. Also, if it measured 20 feet, it should weigh a lot more than 2,000 pounds.

Regardless, it’s a humongous specimen. The fishermen, who were aboard a 22-foot skiff, towed the behemoth two miles to the beach, where dozens of people helped drag it onto dry sand.
"Guadalupe and Baltazar swore they had never seen a fish this big before in their lives," the Pisces blog stated. "Even though on March 13 of this year, some of their fellow fishermen had also caught a great white, which had weighed 990 pounds."
Adult white sharks were once believed to be rare in the Sea of Cortez, or Gulf of California, but scientists now believe parts of the gulf serve as a nursery for the species.



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