Desultory advice: Buy BIGGER bathroom bar soap

Posted By on May 5, 2013

Once in a while the “post for the day” reaches desperation levels and inspiration comes to me in the shower … literally! So after reaching into the simpleton part of my brain – the majority of it, before I get a wise crack – a brilliant cheapskate idea for my eventual advice book crops up. I must say, it is amazing “penny-pinching” still exist considering my daughter’s recent wedding (there is another movie remake in this experience somewhere).


I don’t know anyone who appreciates jumping in the shower and finding that there is only a little sliver of soap left. We do this enough of this in our house that I’ve decided to only buy “larger” sized bars of soap so as to minimize the number of small slivers we get stuck using each year.


I’ve calculated that a large bar last me at least twice as long as a regular size bar of soap (and I get more cleaning and deodorant from it too – fewer slivers!) … and after years of using bars of soap that reduces being stuck with a sliver 100s of times.

Hmm … perhaps I should add dealing with slivers of soap to Wikipedia’s Suffrage article?
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