The 1982 Mercedes 300D Turbodiesel – brutally tested

Posted By on June 9, 2013

oilafter1200milesI can’t believe Brenda wanted to drive the new old Benz on a 1000 mile road trip before I even test drove it on the highway, but she did.

When I checked in last week and asked how it handled, she said, “well, it wouldn’t go much over 85?” Huh!?!? You’re driving the 1982 MB 300D Turbodiesel 85 mph before I’ve even taken it on the highway! But then that’s my wife … lead footed, bold, confident and unafraid (crazy too!)

cupholderprojectinprogressmAnyway I was pleased that it made the trip to New York and back (Taylor drove) and that all was well, that is except little dampness on the driver’s side trunk pocket after the heavy rains. I’m not sure if it came from under the car (wheel wells) or from a trunk lid seal (didn’t look too bad). I check the oil on return after about 1200 miles and it didn’t change one iota … great news!

Also, my homemade cupholders worked great and don’t look half bad either … now for the 12 volt/USB plug adapter plate project (currently the cardboard in the photo to the left, where the ash tray would go).


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