Back in the water but not without a few glitches

Posted By on November 9, 2013


The day was windy for the launch but we opted to sling Encore up and plunk her in the water before her roots took hold of the ground any more. She has been out for quite a while after a few unanticipated repairs and personal events this past year. I “had” thought there was enough juice in our battery bank to start the diesel … but I was wrong. Seems the solar panel didn’t keep our batteries topped off enough to deal with the “diesel fuel turned varnish” in the lines. Thankfully the guy at the yard left me in the slings while they went to lunch and I was able to bleed and charge the starting battery enough to crank a bit to bring the Volvo 2003 diesel back to life. So far so good as the alignment after replacing the cutlass bearing, welding up two customer stainless front mounts (above) and replacing the cast rear motor mount. The trip to the slip was uneventful. Now for cleaning and maintenance.


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