Encore is being put back in the water … finally!

Posted By on November 8, 2013

Encore on the hardOur sailboat has been out of the water far too long considering the hurricane season was a bust this year. I think we would have been better in the water. The hurricane forecast models aside, it has been far too long since Encore had her keel wet even with all we’ve had going on. (Katelyn and Drew‘s wedding, moving Taylor to North Dakota and medical issues for my mom followed by her funeral and then Brenda‘s dad’s passing) While out, I had the yard replace a seacock in the head, welded one engine mount and replace another after realizing the broken mounts were why my cutlass bearing wore out so soon. Encore now has relatively new bottom paint and an epoxy barrier, but also some very distressed teak. The varnish jobs I did at home look pitiful, but Cetol trim is holding up a little better -it all definitely needs work. I’m hoping for a smooth Friday launch and then a start the more critical seasonal services this weekend. My work ahead includes bending on the sails, installing the bimini … doing it alone again … and some overall cleaning along with engine maintenance (impeller, fuel filters, oil change and of concern my alternator). We’ll see how much actually gets done with the shortened days, a marina potluck and invites for dinner already (thanks Mark and Dar).


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