Managing online passwords and Lastpass Premium

Posted By on November 5, 2013

Keeping track of the ever-changing and growing complexity of passwords got the best of me back in 2010 and I finally committed to Lastpass for “most” of my online log ins and passwords. I’ve been satisfied with the “free” version, but over time I’ve found value and a level of comfort (misplaced?) in cloud-based secure storage. I’ve been contemplating an upgrade to the Premium version and need a little push to spend the buck a month (primarily for full access on mobile devices). Although I haven’t started using the “Secure Note” feature, I may give it a try too (snidely political jab in image below).


The service is still not perfect, but most problems are due to the steps companies take in creating multiple security layers and steps in order to keep their websites (and your information) secure. This 2-step or more validation process not only makes access difficult without password managers, but is a challenge for Lastpass users too … or even for those who attempt to secure and encrypt passwords by other methods.

Recently Lastpass upgraded to 3.0 and started a campaign encouraging their users to spread the word by offering one month of their premium service for each referral … and also one month free for the referred. So if you’ve been on the fence in giving an online password manager a try, see if you like LastPassclick here.



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