Staying in touch with family by video calling

Posted By on November 2, 2013

Although video chatting isn’t for everybody, I do appreciate seeing a face and a smile when catching up with my son in North Dakota and daughter in Columbus. katelyn_facetime131031Skype was once my preferred method (when “Skype to phone” was free), but now between iPads, iPhones and iMacs it is easier to jump on Facetime. Katelyn connected last night with her iPad Mini in order to bring me up-to-date on her recent job interview (for next July) how Drew’s fellowship interview and selections are going. We also talked and looked, at a new bed they bought with their wedding money and discussed her work scheduling for around the Christmas and New Year’s Day holidays (we are flying Taylor into Columbus rather than Cincinnati). While we were talking, my wife called her on the phone so I listened to their conversation since my questions are not Brenda’s question … and vice versa. All in all using the ever improving advancements does help keep a family close even when the time and distance apart prevents being together.

What phone or video conferencing services do you use for family, friends and work? What offers the best combination of quality and “usable” features?

Currently I connect using these online services in order of use:

  1. Sprint using an iPhone5
  2. Google Voice to phone
  3. NetTalk VOIP connect home phone (grandfathered free)
  4. FaceTime
  5. Skype
  6. Google Hangouts
  7. Go To Meeting
  8. TeamViewer
  9. Zoom.US
  10. Facebook Video Chat


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