Sleek and innovative gravity fed water saving faucet idea

Posted By on September 4, 2014

Here’s an idea that came from one of those “pagination” oriented list sites … which has become the bane of Internet reading; I’m talking about those sites with multiple pages of photos or news sites requiring a bunch of page clicks in order to read an article – in my opinion the practice needs a social protest movement in order to stop it. Obviously the more clicks, the more profitable the website becomes, but it sure is a pain for readers. For my part, I refuse to participate 95% of the time.

That said, here was an interesting water saving idea posted on such a site (refuse to credit them) and promoted on Twitter (this water saving faucet concept would be great for the boat):


The sleek curve of this faucet makes you think it belongs on some gravity-controlled spaceship. In fact, there’s nothing futuristic or high tech about this faucet beyond it’s look. The 1limit faucet is just an elegant way to conserve water. The see-through glass tube of the faucet holds exactly 1 liter of water, which is supposed to be the amount of water one needs for a quick hand wash. The lever simply turns on or off, permitting or stopping the flow of water from the tube. Problem is, once you’ve used up the water you need to turn it off to refill the 2 liter tube.


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