An update on my dad and his not so friendly visitor

Posted By on December 13, 2014

Wow … just couldn’t believe the lower gas prices this week as oil continues to tumble down under $60/barrel. The abundant supplies and inventory along with the recession in Europe and slowdown in China has really put pressure on world prices. DadC141206I’ve seen news photos of gasoline selling under $2.00 out west and while driving in Ohio I noticed prices as low as $2.25. I only wish diesel would drop as much and as fast – as it is still up around $3.50/gallon or so.

MeanRaccoon141210The lower price for fuel has made my increased trips to see my dad less expensive, considering I burn about 10 gallons to make the twice a week trip. That aside, I do tie one of those trips in with my business travel to NE Ohio and am glad to be able to see him a bit more. He’s been struggling to live independently and had a quick stay in the hospital after a fall two weeks ago. He now has discomfort/pain related to a fractured vertebrae and it is slow healing. The compression between bongs and swelling puts pressure on the nerves that are in the area so the pain and pinched nerve are giving him difficulty with strength and balance too. The doctors don’t have any quick answers, but we’ve been working on his diet and diabetes meds to get his sugar under control. I’m thankful for my brother Ron and Claire – they are handling the majority of the trips to the doctor, etc. We think “low” sugar due to not eating well and medication is what caused him to pass out and fall –initially the doctors in the hospital were thinking mini-stroke. I think if we can get eating and meds under control (and healed), he’ll be back to normal again; we’d hate to have him lose the ability to live independently.

While visiting this week, he asked me to scare off a sickly raccoon that has been hanging around his bird feeder and concerned he’ll use those little hands to figure away to get into the house. I did my best, but this nasty guy is obviously sick.



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