NFL Playoffs … and then there were two

Posted By on January 19, 2015


Football was on call for Sunday afternoon and evening with the final two NFL playoff games. First was perhaps the most exciting game I’ve watched in a long time seeing the conservative play-calling of the Green Bay Packers dominate the first 3 quarters of football. Then last years Superbowl champs lead by Russell Wilson came roaring back in the 4th to take the lead only to have Aaron Rogers move the Packers into field goal range making it a 22-22 tie. This took the game into overtime. In OT the coin toss had the Seahawks with the ball first and for the only possession they needed to score a TD and win the game 28-22.

The second game wasn’t even a contest as the playoff experienced New England Patriots destroyed the Indianapolis Colts … it was never a game. NE 45 – Indy 7.

Superbowl XLIX in Arizona is set for February 1st … it should be an interesting game.


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