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Posted By on July 1, 2015

Investing in startups outside of a business where I have been hands-on management has never panned out successfully for me …  so I’m not sure why I think ElioMotors will be different? In other words, treat that last statement a warning and my skepticism beyond seeing a new car company as interesting and exciting IF you are interested as an investor. Raising the capital for such a large venture is not going to be easy, but I wish Paul Elio and his team well. If I had an automotive industry background, it would sure be exciting to be on the ground floor and working 24×7 to build another facility (two ground up faculties in my past).


Elio Motors has partnered with, a platform for crowdfunding investments. A new Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ruling, Regulation A+, has made it possible for start-up companies to “test the waters” and see if there is sufficient interest from potential investors. is assisting us with this effort so that we can stay in compliance with the regulation.

When you land on the Elio Motors page at, you will see a lot of background on the company, but you’ll also see a button that says “Reserve your Shares.”  Clicking this button allows you to sign up and indicate how much you’d like to invest in Elio Motors. After July 31, Elio Motors will then decide how best to proceed with filing an offering statement with the SEC and once that offering statement is qualified by the SEC, Elio Motors can make a formal stock offer to interested investors.

We’ve been quite open about our need to raise money to move forward. Our most recent offering to accredited investors back in March helped us raise enough capital to begin building the P5. This was a huge step forward for the company. Funds raised from the recent Regulation A+ initiative will help us get to P6 and beyond.

It’s also an incredible opportunity for Elio fans. Not only can you reserve an Elio, you can now actually OWN A PART OF THE COMPANY! We are making history, and we hope you will come along for the ride!

To learn more about this limited time opportunity, go to both the website and also view the “Alter the Course” video.

If you are interested as an investor, contact me and I’ll sent you the full email.


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