How are you doing in the Obama economy?

Posted By on September 23, 2015

No doubt the American Dream is slipping away from the middle class, but a quick look a few graphs below depicts an even more dismal image of a nation in decline.

Is it too late to turn our country around? Let’s hope not!


Unfortunately too many regulations, thousands of laws, taxes on taxes and “gimmes”  for every special interest group has turn our 200-plus year old nation of hard working immigrates into citizens (and illegals) who seem all to happy to accept an entitlement. The federal government now infringes at every level of our life – from birth to death (and beyond!) — and that is bloat is weighing us down. It zaps motivation, ambition and send our largest corporations somewhere else to build a business.

Let’s start with downsizing Washington DC. Give them only enough of a payroll so they can only focus on their #1 job: Protect us Against All Enemies; foreign and domestic. Let the local and state government run entitlements as they see fit in their own communities.  It plain to see what big government (both D and R!) progressive policies have done in making our citizens more dependent and less competitive with others around the world … perhaps go back to what worked for the United States in the first place!


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