Raspberry Pi security video and nearing the end for the Rav4

Posted By on April 12, 2016

We found out a couple things Monday … first, the Raspberry Pi garage camera seems to be working just fine after tweaking a few thing while experimenting in the house, albeit the video is a bit delayed (15 seconds maybe ???). So far so good with video … next to get some motion detection so as not to broadcast continually.


Second, Brenda’s 1998 Toyota Rav4 has seen better days. We’ve pretty much stretch the life out of this little petite 4×4 and it has given us good service for 18 years and 265,000 miles. Since our “fleet” (as my son-in-law calls it) has grown to too many vehicles, we decided it was time to thin the herd. My friend Tim has a daughter nearly ready to drive and both of us thought it would make a perfect first car. He came over and took it to a trusted mechanic and unfortunately “car cancer” known as “rust” has eaten away in a few critical areas of the frame. The body is fine, but the undercarriage must not have received the same corrosion prevention? Unfortunately the car is just not safe for a young driver (or probably old?) and it would need some reinforcement … something that is realistically cost prohibitive. So … next step is to sell it for parts or as a salvage vehicle. Are you trying to keep an older Rav4 running?

Rav4 rust


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