Who is reading what — the top blog posts from the past decade

Posted By on April 11, 2016

While cleaning up the MyDesultoryBlog.com WordPress install in preparation for an eventually PHP 7.0 update, I decided it was time to see just what posts were getting the most eyeballs. TopPost2015For years, the top post was the Great White Shark following a kayak … and rightly so. After a few years and a popular Accelerated Medical School Program post, top spot fell to the Rogue wave/Cruise ship photo shortly after we experienced 94KT wind gusts on a Mediterranean cruise vacation. A surprise Boat shoe inserts/insoles post and the following Topsiders series eventually surpassed the previous posts. Finally they gave way to Jacob Tolliver pounds the piano in an Ohio hardware store and finally a surprise how to post on the Honda Odyssey power sliding doorwho knew?  

Unfortunately the only one in the top 10 from last year (2015) was  an archived Paul Harvey audio clip from 1965.

  Paul Harvey This was his warning in 1965


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