Testing my old Raspberry Pi as a home security camera

Posted By on April 10, 2016

It is pretty easy for me to get distracted when I’m suppose to be working on taxes … especially when my Raspberry Pi2 has given RPi2_securecamtest160407up webserver duties to the Raspberry Pi3. There were a couple glitches in imaging the new 64GB micro SD card but all is as it should be now.

With the new home micro server keeping American Pi up and running as s test server, the previous Pi2 was moved to our music room and connected to our home audio. I love it for running Pianobar and playing one of the many personalized Pandora stations commercial free throughout the house. As an aside, I taped the tiny $12 camera to the side of the case it so it could save either a video stream or send a security image (above) via a private Twitter feed with notification to my normal RichC account. So far so good, but probably not the best for home security. Perhaps a motion detector project is in my future … or maybe moving it to the front porch as a doorbell camera?


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