Eating Fruit While Pregnant May Boost A Baby’s Intelligence

Posted By on August 31, 2016


Now that I’m going to be a grandfather, it is time to start reading (or re-reading) all those important articles about babies again.

Eating Fruit While Pregnant May Boost A Baby’s Intelligence

Aug. 29, 2016 9:00 a.m. ET

New research raises the intriguing possibility that eating more fruit during pregnancy could boost the intelligence of a normal, healthy baby.

Researchers found that each additional daily serving of fruit that pregnant women consumed corresponded with an increase in cognitive scores for their children one year after birth. The study, at the University of Alberta, analyzed data from 688 children in the Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development, or Child, study.

The findings, published in the journal EBioMedicine in April, are preliminary and best seen as a suggestion for future studies on mammals and in randomized human trials, experts say. Still, the study is striking. Only one other food—fish—has been linked to enhanced cognitive development in normal, healthy offspring, experts say.

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