How To: Cleaning silicone sealant from a car window

Posted By on August 1, 2016

What a pain! Silicone all over the side of my Honda Odyssey.


Have you have ever had to remove silicone sealant from a surface? It is not fun. Thankfully the majority of what was purposely or accidentally (hmm?) drizzled or wiped all over my minivan this past year in Florida was on the side windows.

Here is how I removed it:

  1. Use a sharp razor blade and slightly pivot it as you slowly move it along the bulk of the "drizzle." This removes the bulk of the silicone.
  2. Replace the blade and use a clean "new" blade with pressure and remove the balance of the goo still on the windshield … I would not do this on paint or in my case the rubber gasket for the sliding door.
  3. Use a product called Xenit if you have it or can find it … I have been told that it cleans silicone residue "if permitted to soak after brushing with a stiff brush." I don’t have it, but would try it on paint in a small area if I did.
  4. Use a clean cotton rag and a couple different window cleaners. I’m not sure which kind works best — it was a hot day and the car was in the sun (not sure if that was helpful or not?)




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