Monitoring Inverter and Battery with an inexpensive shunt

Posted By on September 7, 2016

Instead of spending a lot more dollars on an expensive monitor (like the LINK 2000-R and Xantrex Inverter that we have on Encore) for a battery bank InverterBatteryMonitorClosepowering a back up inverter when I add our new grilling, greenhouse, generator and porch space, I’ve added a cheap $18.75 shunt and meter from Amazon. I’ve used a 4-wire phone cord to connect the display to the shunt and added a plug to the back of the meter. When installed in the permanent location, additional phone cord can be use and it is easily moved to an easy to monitor location.

The display gives a quick snapshot of power use (ie. 822.9 watts in testing the new 1000 watt inverter) as well as ability to keep and I one the voltage left in the battery bank and current draw. One of the "tracking" components is a meter to keep and eye on just how much energy over time is being used from the batteries (ie. 43 watt hours so far from my old BMW X5 battery).


Next I might try to revitalize a couple older storage batteries … wish me luck!


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