Congratulations 2016 MLB ALCS Champs: Cleveland Indians

Posted By on October 20, 2016

ALCSGame5BoxScore161019It was a great series for the Cleveland Indians and #believeland fans. After only a moment of doubt (last night), the team effort by the Indians made both the series against the Boston Red Sox (3-0) and the championship series against a power hitting bunch from Toronto … the BlueJays (4-1).

Tuesday afternoon’s 4th win for the Indians was in pitching dominance style as the BlueJays were kept from scoring … ziltch, notta, nothing!  Andrew Miller, Cleveland’s closer, was a shoe-in for the MVP … and well deserved. He was absolutely outstanding.

Now Cleveland will face the National League champs … either the Dodgers or the Cubs. I’m guessing that the majority of Major League Baseball fans are secretly rooting for Chicago? A Cubs/Indians World Series would be fantastic.


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