Thoughts and a video on a rigging bag from Lin Pardey

Posted By on January 7, 2017

Larry-for-cruising-tip-JulyAugWhile contemplating complexity vs simplicity in life and on sailboats, I once again stumbled on a precious morsel by Lin Pardey who has been land-based in New Zealand. Taleisin was sold to a young couple who now enjoys Lin and Larry’s “home” for over 30 years (mentioned before). Lin continues to write, appear at boatshows and even offers a little advice to those reading her blog. After making my own “too narrow” ditty bag, I’d like to try my hand at a larger “Jay’s” rigging bag. Great ideas, especially the toggle, wooden bottom and shackle preventing it from dumping or going overboard.  I’m currently using a cheap “little black tool bag” that stows in the companionway step, but it is not the right kind of bag for most nautical tasks or even to carry an extra tool or two. Here is a video left unedited to honor the mantra … “Go small, go simple, go now.”

Although circle cutting is the easy part if you have a table or preferably bandsaw.


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