The NFL is losing my support and viewership again in 2018

Posted By on August 14, 2018

It is so frustrating to see a handful of NFL players once again willing to offend A WHOLE BUNCH of patriotic fans —  including me — for another seasonNFLrules with their kneeing or holding a fist during the playing of our National Anthem. I blame a handful of players, their union, the NFL commissioner and owners … the same ones who had little problem setting and enforcing  "rules of conduct" over the years (see newspaper clipping from a friend of mine on Facebook);  for some reason they can’t seem to grow a spine when it comes to showing respect our flag, our country and those who defend and sacrifice for it. A pitiful display by the players and leadership of the NFL.

Once again I’ll be flipping the channel to enjoy late season Major League Baseball and perhaps more college football than usual. It is a small price to pay in order to make my tiny voice heard — although I suspect I’m not alone in being offended enough to tune out. Good luck to the those working in NFL related jobs who will be suffering revenue loss … I’m sure they are even more frustrated then me?


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