Temporarily fixed our TV remote by substituting a CR2016 3 volt battery and a washer for a CR2032 3 volt battery

Posted By on November 12, 2019

Oh the crazy things we do in order to watch Monday Night Football.

HarmonyRemoteBatteryJerryRigged191112The remote I use in the Home Theater has been failing and finally would no longer work. Unlike years ago when you could walk up to a TV and change the channels, our new set-up require a remote control to change nearly everything. In other words, with a dead battery in the remote and no CR2032 3V lithium replacement, the projection TV and associated gear will not work. Yikes, what is an old time Jerry Rigger to do???


Well, I opted to use the last of my smaller CR2016 3V batteries and added washer to give it the appropriate thickness. It works and hopefully will hold me until the next batch of a zillion batteries I ordered on Amazon today arrives (if one is needed, order dozens)! 😊 



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