A pair of large healthy howling coyotes are hanging around

Posted By on November 13, 2019

For years in our increasingly populated (with people) Liberty Township, Ohio community has had a fair amount of wildlife roaming our neighborhoods. I’ve commented several times before and have never really been concerned when the critters are of the fox and smaller variety. Raccoons are still my least favorite, but those pesky chipmunks have recently been outsmarting me (payback for me squirting insulation foam down their holes). On the other hand, trapping a skunk was not one of my finer moments either … and the feral cat was a classic!

Recently a couple of coyotes have been making our backyard a regular hangout … probably because Tootsie is no longer around to keep them away. Bigger outdoor dogs aside, smaller pet owners need to remember that their furballs might be looked at as “dinner” … and if coyotes aren’t alone, even bigger dogs could suffer in a scrape. 

I’m actually surprised they howl and hang around even in daylight considering our neighbor has a rather intimidating Doberman? Perhaps they are just bolder than years prior … and did I mention howling … wow, do they howl. In the past, I’ve never hesitated to roam around the yard when it was pitch black … often stumbling onto deer … but now I do think twice considering these coyotes are no longer roaming alone.



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