New Windshield … but the Facebook advertising is too timely

Posted By on December 15, 2019


I’ve often questioned just how much data is being collected by Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc … but considering I’m a relatively light user of FB … getting push timely advertising is a bit creepy.NewBMWX5_35dWindshield191214

I called my insurance company last week for a windshield repair/replacement for our 2010 BMW X5 35d and handled the entire transaction on the phone … yet somehow, Facebook connected me to an advertisement from Safelitenotice the timestamps.

As for the new windshield … it sure is nice not to have a bunch of tiny chips, a blurred area where a larger chip was once repaired and of course the most recent cold-weather induced crack right in front of my face.

     Come to think about my online activity, I did post to my blog on the topic yesterday?


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