Filling space with LTE speed test and humorous automotive GIF

Posted By on February 11, 2020

A month ago Virgin Mobile sent this happy customer (great service) an update indicating that due to the Sprint T-Mobile combination that the Virgin partnership would be spun off to Sprint’s Boost Mobile prepaid group.They promised an equal or better “deal” which has yet to be noticed … but then it has only been a day or so (I have my doubts).

Anyway, my account transfer has taken place and the new iPhone app is now working. So far, so good as there has not been a change to my phone or service but I am still unsure as to the details such as pricing and “add-ons” to my account. Time will tell. For now, the hotspot still works, calls are coming in and an LTE speed test from my home indicates decent speed and ping times. Stay tuned as my phone still displays Virgin Mobile and probably will until they push a carrier update out.

Just a little embedded Twitter automotive humor


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