Woodworking: Finished my Scrapwood Challenge project

Posted By on May 20, 2020


Several posts ago I mentioned that I was participating in the Makers Mob woodworking 6-week Scrapwood Challenge as part of the stay-at-home COVID19 orders. I can’t say that this project is anything great, but it did give me something to do in the evenings besides tweet political garbage or watch more outrage and debate from the talking heads on TV. Brenda is much smarter … she watches something entertaining on Netflix or Amazon Prime (although the same ones over and over). ScrapWoodChal_PictureHangerJig200514On the other hand, I was able to read a bit more and have a couple new birthday books to read (1 and 2).

Back to completing this little scrap wood project from my own questionable design.

I had been thinking about a couple simple woodworking birthday gifts for Katelyn and Taylor and also wanted to use my new lightweight MicroJig miter jig for precise cuts on the table saw. So I modified my original rectangular idea. These oddball angled cuts gave me a little bit more of a challenge. The project may never get used, but it is a simple way to hang pictures exactly where you want them on the wall (we are doing that now in the Library/Music Room after painting and my bookshelves project).



Use the lightweight jig to lift artwork by the picture wire with the  hooks at the bottom of the jig (above). The center lock knob is loosened and the cross bar is lowered to the top of the picture frame and locked in place – it slides in a dovetail track. Use a couple pieces of SWLevelblue painters tape to the right and left (or making slight pencil marks on the wall) at the top of the picture frame where the cross bar touch it. Check the small built in level (left) and overall height of the artwork to be sure it is where you want it located.

Take the art off the hooks and place the jig back on the wall lining the locked horizonal cross bar to the painters tape or marks. Then recheck level and put a pencil mark where the “V” notches meet the wall just below the hook (red circles above). Use those marks to line up the bottom of your new picture hooks push or hammer the hooks into the wall. When you hang the artwork, it should hang and STAY level on two new hooks at the correct height.


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