Have Americans completely lost their minds – Defunding Police?

Posted By on June 6, 2020

CopDominatesOnBBCourt_aniIt is hard to imagine the lawlessness and chaos we would see without a fair bit of law enforcement of some kind? Perhaps Americans aren’t really hearing each other and are unwilling to have a logical debate … but “defunding the police” make no sense to me whatsoever? If fair minded people were talking, there would be room to discuss the excessive militarization of law enforcement, but unless cities want to return to slums, ghettos, high crime and to live in neighborhoods run by gangs and crime syndicates, we still need the police. Businesses will not locate where the only protection is self-defense and private security. Who would work in an unsafe city … or what family would ever move to where the law-abiding had to fend for themselves and criminals were unchecked? It makes no sense.

On a brighter note, neighborhood policing like this (left) leaves me optimistic. Have a great weekend … and guess what I’ll be doing (below)? A new Weber Grill #SomeAssemblyRequired



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