TechFriday: Blog housekeeping and a WordPress 5.4.2 update

Posted By on June 19, 2020

Way too often those who maintain their own web servers and computers grit their teeth and cringe when it is time to update and upgrade. A month or so Wordpress5.4.2ago I replaced one of my servers (the one this blog is on) and suffered through the anxiety of getting everything working again. I generally follow the principleif it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but once everything is up-to-date, am a proponent of trying to keep it that way until something won’t update or work correctly.

This week before getting too busy, I opted toapt-get Linux Ubuntu 18. 04.4 with a few packages and security updates … then back up data and update WordPress to version 5.4.2. All is well … I think.



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