Things I should know by now – Unistrut Connecting System

Posted By on July 15, 2020

UnistrutFittingkisspng-world-emoji-day-apple-smiley-5ae5273c4c45c0.3792687915249672283124“So that’s what this is for?”

I had a “duh” moment the other day when sifting through subscribed emails from vendors.

A company called sends out educational marketing emails to customers who enjoy working with metal. I’ve used them as a supplier for a variety of small projects as a source for steel and aluminum tubing and angle material (tile topped table, airplane partsminivan shelf/workbench & generator cage, etc)  … so I am not quick to toss their emails without glancing at them.

A recent email contained information on the Unistrut® connecting system. I’ve seen the steel channels before and know they are used regularly in building commercial shelves and storage ranks. I used a different rack system (heavier duty) in my CPP dock storage area in Cuyahoga Falls, but remembered seeing the “no weld” system as an option. They are attractive because is much more difficult to fit a standard length welded warehouse storage system than to quickly cut to length and bolt together customize racks. In this case I never “connected” (pun intended) the parts on my workbench to the Unistrut system.

The point of this post is that I inherited a bag of “fittings” from my Dad and not really knowing what the fittings were used for… now I know!

UnistrutConnecting LINK


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