First time in my life, I’ve lost a fuel cap. OEM or aftermarket?

Posted By on November 5, 2020

I’m officially “slipping” upstairs. For the first time in my life I forgot to put the fuel cap back on and lost it (don’t want to admit it to Brenda). I could try and blame it on distraction since I was also filling up the diesel jugs for the John Deere and Kubota mower, but making an excuse seems a bit lame at this point. I just forgot to pull the littleBmwDieselFuelCap peg out of the fuel door on the BMW X5 35d after filling and moved to the fuel cans, but really should have looked back?

The little tether had long ago broken and so there wasn’t anything to keep it from disappearing. I did a u-turn when I realized it was gone, but obviously was too late to see anything. Oh, well … I’m probably not the first person to have done this?

Looked around and almost bought one for $18.88 on Amazon, but opted for this one  on Ebay. Hm?



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